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i am putting this blog on hiatus for a little while, unfortunately. i just am very busy doing a lot of things and i have not been able to keep up with more than one, maybe two muses. so im putting meenah on an indefinite hiatus and will return to her wwhen i can! thank you all for understanding. <3



Sounds Like A Good Time


Are You Any Good


shell yeah im good

i aint played in a whale though so im a little rusty


Not A Whole Lot Is Up

Doing A Bit Of Baking

What’s Up With Your Fine Shellf


sounds like fin

im just hangin around mostly

got out my old guitar and started messin around with that a little

absylphe liked your post “its okray its okray im here now you can all stop worryin”

yoar the only note on that post so that means you gotta talk to me


its okray its okray

im here now you can all stop worryin


a completely up to date list of all the active blogs i run (aside from my personal) because some people have been asking

bubblepopgames in an independent no sburb au Roxy Lalonde. (active)

concernedcuttlet is a Feferi Peixes for the atthecostofsuccess timeline (canon related au). (semi-active)

aseaofgenders is a doomed timeline Meenah Peixes for queeerstuck (active).

blondalert is an Armin Arlert for the refocillated timeline (post-canon reincarnation AU). (semi-active, closed timeline)

a-lonely-hero is a writing project that I’m doing that revolves around Minecraft’s storyline. (non interactable, journal entries published everyday at noon)

fenestratedpumpkinology is a Roxy Lalonde for substaquilation's timeline (post-canon AU). (active, recently started)

imawitchwitha-b is a Roxy Lalonde for the magebent timeline (Magic user AU). (inactive, recently started)


I was not aware I required forgiveness 8ut okay.

of coarse it did

anywaves whats up with you


Magic anons or something. I don’t remember, really.

what the glub is a magic anon


I had not intended it as an insult.

its aight ill foargive you just this once


A friend who is a dragon for a month.

oh damn

whale i guess thats pretty good then

how the fuck did that happen